Ubuntu Frame `22` track not starting

Latest Candidate: channel 20
ubuntu-frame98-mir2.13.0 on track 20 looks to be working for us with no issues.

Latest Candidate: channel 22

ubuntu-frame 100-mir2.13.0 on track 22 is completely broken and the daemon won’t even start

Hi @cluemaster, thanks for letting us know.

I’ve split your post into a separate topic. The 22 track is a work in progress, and the piece that’s currently missing is:

$ sudo snap connect ubuntu-frame:graphics-core22 mesa-core22
$ sudo snap restart ubuntu-frame

You can confirm the connection with:

$ snap connections ubuntu-frame
Interface                 Plug                                Slot                                  Notes
content                   -                                   ubuntu-frame:ubuntu-frame-diagnostic  -
content[graphics-core22]  ubuntu-frame:graphics-core22        mesa-core22:graphics-core22           manual
hardware-observe          ubuntu-frame:hardware-observe       :hardware-observe                     -
login-session-control     ubuntu-frame:login-session-control  -                                     -
network-bind              ubuntu-frame:network-bind           :network-bind                         -
opengl                    ubuntu-frame:opengl                 :opengl                               -
wayland                   -                                   ubuntu-frame:wayland                  -
x11                       ubuntu-frame:x11                    :x11                                  -

Let us know please if this helps!

In any case, you probably don’t want to switch to the 22 track - the 20 one will continue to be maintained (though no new features). Unless, that is, you move your application to base: core22 as well, to avoid both the core20 and core22 snaps installed.

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I Agree and thank you for the advice. track 22 has some issues it seems. We’re working on porting our snap to core22. I did confirm that the slot connection is missing when installing -channel 22/candidate. I manually mapped to the mesa-core22 slot in your example and the ubuntu-frame starts up and our updated cluemaster snap connects and displays even though it’s using core20.

All of our pc’s in the wild were installed using snap install ubuntu-frame . @saviq Will that automatically put and keep them on track 20 or 22? I just did a fresh install and it installs this. How do I know what track that is?

ubuntu-frame 98-mir2.12.1 5146 latest/stable canonical✓ -

Great, thanks for the confirmation - all that’s expected today.

latest is the default track, and that’s what you are on. For now we’ll leave it at base: core20, but would like to move it to base: core22 in the future, we’ll have to find out what’s possible.

If/when latest moves to base: core22, your devices will get upgraded and will work fine, provided there’s enough space on the disk for the extra core22 and mesa-core22 snap. If you have a non-standard graphics-core20 provider, that would require manual intervention, either refreshing to 20/stable to stay on the base: core20 version, or making sure that a custom graphics-core22 provider is used.

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