Ubuntu Flavor Comparison Update

It’s been 18d since I announced my Flavor Comparison.

Instead of doing a video/boring documentary, I was thinking of an Ubuntu Flavor Awards. These will judge flavors on performance, arts, themes, etc.

The Ubuntu Flavor Awards would be held on the last Saturday of each April at a reasonable time, live streamed or something like that.

For the flavor to be in the awards, the founder/owner/head-in-command/chief must sign up for their flavor.



Those forms are listed in order: Suggest a category, sign up for your flavor (head-in-command).

On March 31st, suggesting for a category will be closed for the year. IT IS ALSO THE DEADLINE FOR OWNERS OF FLAVORS TO SUBMIT IN THEIR FLAVOR FOR THE AWARDS. You may suggest one for next year.

And on April 1st through 22nd, you can nominate your flavor for certain rewards.

So, there is only one thing-I can’t host. If Ubuntu Cinnamon comes out by then, it would probably be unfair because I would host and I would know what to expect, and would let Ubuntu Cinnamon pass (or maybe at least). If you want to be a host, for the week after April 22nd you will need to follow a bunch of things, in which I would DM you about, but you must be able to stream at ANY TIME YOU CHOOSE on April 29th.


While you’re perfectly at liberty to create a video or other content to compare and contrast the advantages of each flavour, I don’t believe it’s useful to pitch this as a ‘fight’ that anyone in the Ubuntu developer community should be involved in.

Wise words from Popey - feel free to continue with this if you want. I have no wish to contribute Ubuntu Budgie for this questionable enterprise.

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All “flavours” are good, actually excellent, nothing to compare. This is the Ubuntu family.

actually nvm the idea

can a mod lock this convo

I forgot that the point was to ALL be friends, and enjoy life. (Forgot Circle of Life).

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