Ubuntu Files Search - tweak

In the standard Ubuntu installation (now 18.04.1 LTS on my desktop), the Ubuntu Files search function starts indexing files as soon as a character has been typed into the search bar. I propose to change this, by waiting until at least 5 characters have been typed OR enter has been hit after typing at least one character.
The reason I am proposing this, is when having over 100,000 files as I do, and most of us have, the index function will take 10-20 seconds after the first character is typed into the search bar, and the computer will ‘hang’ until the CPU load goes below 100%. It is impossible even to type a second character (which would substantially abbreviate the wait time).
The solution proposed is intended to be a pragmatic one, striking a balance between elegance (of quickly indexed suggestions), speed, and efficiency.

Another solution would be: using a pre-made index of searches (not search results), like Google Search does, but that would have some disk space and CPU drawbacks and take more time and effort to create…
Thanks people, hope you like the idea!


Hi @Balder, by Ubuntu Files search, do you mean the file explorer?

Yes, I meant the file explorer! In the credentials (About) it is named Files (version 3.26.4 in my case).
It is part of the standard Ubuntu desktop installation package.

It is modern ugly bug of Nautilus - enjoy it or drop Nautilus from your system :slight_smile:

You can switch to normal feature rich file-manager as Nemo or Caja. Or change whole desktop to Cinnamon or MATE. Their developers keep traditions of normal user-friendly cool desktop developments.

Thanks for the tips! I will try one of them. However, since Nautilus is the standard Ubuntu install, and most users probably run it, I still hope this little nuisance will be fixed - for the sake of all using the standard installation.

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