Ubuntu Europe Federation Board Meeting at Ubucon Europe

Probably most of you don’t know the Ubuntu Europe Federation, so here’s a short explanation:

Ubuntu Europe Federation is a French Law association constituted to assist European LoCo teams handling bureaucracy and share resources to further Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Community.

We want LoCo to be able to focus on their activities instead of handling bureaucracy, and we don’t want that all LoCo have the need to create associations to handle anything regarding their activities. Hence Ubuntu Europe Federation.

The Ubuntu Europe Federation is composed of any European LoCo who wants to join, for that end they need to nominate one representative for the Board of Directors and up to 4 possible replacements.
The Board (composed of the LoCo Teams) defines what the Association should do and the people nominated to executive positions execute it.

On the Ubucon Europe 2019, we’re going to do a Board meeting, and it will be open for the public to observe and if solicited to participate. So please feel free to join, we will very likely want some sort feedback from the community.

I invite all the European LoCo teams to join the Ubuntu Europe Federation, so that they can benefit from resource sharing and other forms of cooperation. You can contact me for that purpose.

Further details regarding the Board Meeting will be added as they come.

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