Ubuntu Dock doesn't restore factory state when re-enabled

Hey all,

It seems like Ubuntu-Dock doesn’t restore it’s original state. I disabled Ubuntu-Dock and enabled Dash-to-Dock. Dash-to-Dock was a little buggy, so I switched back to Ubuntu-Dock. I noticed, one of the Dash-to-Dock features was still enabled.

I installed Dock-To-Dash extension and disabled Ubuntu-Dock. Dash-to-Dock has a feature that I like, if you put your mouse cursor over an icon in the dock you can use your scroll wheel to cycle between windows. For example, if I have 4 chrome browser windows open on various work-spaces, mousing over the chrome icon in the dock and scrolling the mouse wheel gives switch my desktop and make the chrome window on that desktop active, skipping around until you find the window you want. Pretty simple and effective. Unfortunately the Dash-to-Dock extension was buggy. So I switched back to Ubuntu-Dock and this feature is still enabled.

I am fine with this. I have Ubuntu-Dock and scroll to cycle windows now. That’s great. But, it seems like a side affect that’s probably not intended.

Anybody know where I can log this as a bug?


Try our Finding Help topic, which details other venues you can get support for Ubuntu.

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