Ubuntu-Desktop Preinstalled ISO for Raspberry PI 4/3/2 (for noobs)

You know, you and me would know how to simply install the Desktop. But what about noobs? Should be worked on… (not referring to https://github.com/TheRemote/Ubuntu-Server-raspi4-unofficial/releases, support might cease any time; also, what about non-LTS?). Looking for an official build now…

And what about the flavours: Kubuntu, Xubuntu etc.

Note: I’m a user of the Raspberry Pi 4 4GB, and so am referring specifically to RPI4

You might change your mind if you try GNOME Shell on a Raspberry Pi. It’s historically not been a great experience, peformance-wise. The other flavours may well be interested in making an arm build. Indeed, Ubuntu MATE already ships an image for the Raspberry Pi, which you can find at https://ubuntu-mate.org/download/ - currently the Pi 2, 3 and 3+ are supported, with Pi 4 support coming soon, time permitting.

Further, @Wimpress started the Ubuntu Pi Flavour maker, which can be found at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-pi-flavour-maker - which enables Ubuntu Flavours to create images.

I’ll provide the following on how to have Xubuntu 19.10 on a r.pi.4 https://bluesabre.org/2019/10/20/install-xubuntu-19-10-on-a-raspberry-pi-4/

I’ve been told that (following Sean’s advice and substituting in other desktops) works for other flavors too (Lubuntu, Kubuntu) but I don’t have a r.pi.4 so I didn’t take much notice when it was tested and results given.

There has been talk of creating Lubuntu images for r.pi again (last was for 16.04) but it requires someone to do the work, and alas volunteers don’t appear very often.

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It does work (have done it multiple times, just the basic steps), but prebuilt ISOs for noobs? Will try to host ISOs for them…

note that NOOBS is being replaced by a new tool from the Pi foundation … if there are officially QA’ed an tested (flavour) desktop isos they will definitely be included there …


Not referring to NOOBS
By noobs, meant beginners

well, instead of creating an iso, why not write a nice tutorial which packages to install to turn a server install on a pi into a usable desktop ?

while hacking together an iso manually might be pretty educational for yourself, such a tutorial might be of more benefit for others :wink:


It is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Just install the desktop

i doubt thats enough to get properly accelerated graphics set up with X11 or wayland … (but happy to be proven wrong)

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That is enough. It is in the official guide for RPI

do you have a link ?


But in many guides, the additional steps aren’t mentioned…

this is a) nothing official and b) i see nowhere any instructions to “just install ubuntu-desktop” … you need to jump through a ton of hoops, install an Xserver and additional packages from a PPA etc etc … that page is a mess of mixed instructions for various use cases editied by a ton of people, how would a “noob” be able to find what she wants :wink:

(this is why i’d find a tutorial just focused on just getting the desktop installed here in the forum very helpful)

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Not official, but a part of the Ubuntu Wiki (community)

@ogra Might not be official, but still correct

Have never installed anything other than ubuntu-desktop package and it still works.

sure, you can definitely just tasksel install ubuntu-desktop (note that you always want the task, not just the apt metapackage if you want the exact same setup an iso uses) anywhere you want, that doesnt mean you end up with something usable for an end user … waiting 1min for the animations to kick in on a gnome desktop because of software graphics acceleration isnt very pleasant :wink:

anyway, i just wanted to give you a hint for doing something the whole community might benefit from, vs “just another hacked together iso” out there …