Ubuntu Desktop Guide - editing

I’m new in this forum, so welcome everybody! As this is my first post, please forgive me if I missed the answer for the following question.
Manly, recently at my work, we used Windows Help to create our own pages, so you can have let’s say sort of help/wiki, specifically for your need/product you are working on/etc, embedded in your system. You have index there, search engine, and all the topics listed.
I was wondering, whether you could do such a thing under Ubuntu? If you type ‘help’ in dash, you will get ‘Help’ icon, which leads to Ubuntu Desktop Guide. Is it possible to edit it, so you could create your own project?
Otherwise, maybe just use Wine and this kind of Help Center from Windows, which is very convenient apparently.
All answers will be apprieciated!

Soon ™ we will publish a wiki for the new default theme. This also covers some information about each part of the GNOME shell. Maybe this could be helpful, too :slight_smile:

Hi! Yes, indeed, that would be also helpful to know some details, so the user can modify specific parts :wink:

Uh… well then I misunderstood you. Tweaking gnome shell is really some different topic. There are gnome extensions to start with: https://extensions.gnome.org/#shell_version=3.28.1&sort=popularity

Yeah, what I meant, was just to be able to create your own file with help. So, it could be embedded in the system, and you can always access it. So, in Windows, you have a special tool, that you can for example create your own Help Project, and generate later *.chm file. And inside, you can have for example all required information about your product for customer support located in asia, so they can just take one file, put to windows, and have help in Windows about product they are working on. I was thinking, that maybe similar thing could be possible under Linux, so you just share one file (or project folder) with other people, they open it, and they have same layout as in Ubuntu Dekstop Guide, but all information inside are about their product. If I knew how Ubuntu Desktop Guide works, maybe is accessing particular files and just displays them, I could create my own files/pages?

The Ubuntu Desktop Guide is displayed to users as a Yelp (Gnome-help) document.
One easy way to create new custom pages is by using the yelp-tools package.
Beyond that, I think you should start with the Yelp documentation.