Ubuntu Desktop Dev Gaming Matrix

Canonical’s gaming team discussions have either been internal or more formally in GitHub issues and Discourse posts. This can be cumbersome, especially when trying to communicate more widely with the gaming community and gather much needed opinions and testing. That’s why we’re announcing our public Ubuntu Gaming Matrix room!

This room is geared for discussions specifically about Ubuntu development of gaming-related projects. This could include discussions of code, calls for testing specific issues, feedback on changes, etc. If you’re interested in Ubuntu Desktop development and gaming, this is for you! This room is not intended for game-specific troubleshooting, a replacement for GitHub issues and discussions, or casual gaming discussions.

Anyone is welcome to join the wider Matrix Space for Ubuntu Desktop development here: https://matrix.to/#/#ubuntu-desktop-dev:matrix.org

The Gaming room can be joined from the above Space, or via this link: https://matrix.to/#/#ubuntu-gaming:matrix.org

Happy gaming!


Thank you @ashtonn I will join and follow up. Gotta promote Ubuntu as also a gaming option.