Ubuntu Design


The best way to always stay on top of the latest news from Ubuntu Design, find out about new projects and tasks and read about the work of the Design team, is by following the Ubuntu Design Blog, @ubuntudesigners on Twitter and ubuntudesigners on Pinterest.

design.ubuntu.com hosts guidelines for the brand, web and apps. Before you start any design work, make sure you read and are familiar with these. If you have questions, you can join and get help at #ubuntu-design on irc.freenode.net.


We’re looking for participation in the following cool project:

Wallpaper contest

The wallpapers that ship with Ubuntu Desktop are designed and selected by you. Usually between 14 and 15 wallpapers are selected for each Ubuntu update, and the winners are picked by the winners of the previous release. Anyone can participate and it’s pretty simple: all you need to do is upload the image you created to the Flickr group. More details can be seen on the Ubuntu Design Blog’s announcement posts. As with all of our projects, keep an eye on the Design Blog — all announcements will be made there first. And here’s a tip: although every type of image is welcome, there is a significant shortage of abstract and illustrative images, so the judges might be paying special attention to those!

Hi @popey,

I’m would like help Ubuntu community with design, on Ubuntu Wiki I can see something cool the Artwork team but I’m not sure if this project is running and if it is important/relevant now for Ubuntu local communities.

Can you tell me more if there are others opportunities to get involved on design tasks, or if the Artwork team is an active project inside the Ubuntu community?


I don’t believe there is currently an ‘active’ Artwork Team as such, no. I understand 18.04 will likely ship with a new theme, so there will be some work required there. I expect that to be announced shortly.