Ubuntu Core for RK3328

we are trying to built ubuntu core for our rock64(rk3328) board using this link

but we stuck at “1. Create a model assertion” point.
when we run this “sudo cat rk3328-model.json | snap sign -k cfkey &> rk3328.model” command we got this error
"error: cannot sign assertion: cannot sign using GPG: /usr/bin/gpg --personal-digest-preferences SHA512 --default-key 0xE61B6F42566FECC9B0AC4714AA2FB9F46E7532DA --detach-sign failed: exit status 2 (“gpg: signing failed: Timeout\ngpg: signing failed: Timeout\n”)

and this is our model.json file
“type”: “model”,
“authority-id”: “ObaRdnGUONVS5mFOjUtUDbr4tfgp3jbg”,
“brand-id”: “ObaRdnGUONVS5mFOjUtUDbr4tfgp3jbg”,
“series”: “16”,
“model”: “ROCK64”,
“architecture”: “armhf”,
“gadget”: “rk3328”,
“kernel”: “4.15.0-20-generic”,
“timestamp”: “2018-05-24T07:44:34+00:00”

thanks in advance

Hello, did you manage to come right with this? I am desperately looking for n00b instructions on how to get this image on my Rock64.

Hi Rethan,

If you still looking for ubuntu core on rock64. You can drop me your contact details here. i will connect with you.


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are there any progress on this ?

I’m also interested in an ubuntu version for rk3318

i do have images for various rock 3xxx boards at:


(also asking on forum.snapcraft.io in the device category would have raised more attention in the Ubuntu Core community :slight_smile: )