Ubuntu Core 22 Beta is now available

Ubuntu Core, the Ubuntu flavour optimised for IoT and edge devices, has now available a Beta version for the new UC22 release. You can start using Ubuntu Core 22 Beta if you’re interested in testing the new features of the upcoming GA release.

This release builds on established strengths for Ubuntu Core, consolidating its reliable and secure nature and introducing new features. Some of them include::

  • Remodelling allows you to change the ID of a device so that it can be rebranded, remodelled or assigned to a different Store
  • Validation sets help you ensure that only specific snaps are installed, and optionally, only specific snaps at fixed revisions
  • Factory reset
  • Piboot as the one-stage bootloader on Raspberry Pi, offering user experience improvements like booting from external devices and better support for hats
  • Speed improvements
  • Footprint reduction
  • MAAS support

And much more.

Pre-built images are available to download for some of the most popular architectures.

The general availability of Ubuntu Core 22 will be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


What are the system requirements for core22 on x86 and on arm? For IoT snaps are likely to be pretty heavy burden on low memory poor preforming IoT devices. I see no value in snaps for IoT builds that are likely to never be upgraded (yes this is awful but is the reality of the cheap IoT devices). I would prefer to use a prebuilt environment instead building my own Yocto or Buildroot Linux Frankenstein mess.


You can find the system requirements of the different versions of Ubuntu Core in the following link: https://ubuntu.com/core/docs/system-requirements

Ubuntu Core 22 requirements will be added there once the stable version is released. They will be quite similar to Ubuntu Core 20 ones.


Thanks for quick response.

Can you share on any updates of the platforms for core22 ?

https://ubuntu.com/core/docs/supported-platforms – only shows core 18 and 20.

That page will also be updated when the stable version is released.

Stay tuned for that :slight_smile:

Hmm I need Raspberry Pi Zero 2W support which was just added to 5.18 mainline kernel. Also my customer requirement is no phone home / tracking (confirmed with code scan and real-time blocking/detection at the router). The Ubuntu registration requirement is a deal breaker here.

Not very developer friendly…

I’ll have to work on a custom Frankenstein Buildroot.

the pi kernel used on all ubuntu images is using the rpi-foundation patchset on top of the release specific ubuntu tree, not mainline.

the kernel used in UC20 already runs fine on a Pi Zero 2W, i’d be surprised if the UC22 kernel regressed :wink:

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