Ubuntu Core 20

Ubuntu Core 20 (UC20) is built on the foundations of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa). It’s the next generation of Ubuntu for embedded devices.

New features for this release include:

  • Raspberry Pi support (both ARMv7 and ARM v8)
  • Full-disk encryption via TPM integration
    Currently x86-only with ARM to follow. TPM integration works with existing CA
  • A new recovery and reinstall mode
  • Recovery mode menu and chooser
  • Initial MAAS & cloud-init support

See Ubuntu Core 20 release notes for a general overview of features in this release, and see below for documentation that deals specifically with Ubuntu Core 20.

Latest image downloads

Download the latest UC20 images from:

UC20 within the wider Ubuntu Core documentation

Discovering Ubuntu Core 20
What is Ubuntu Core? How Ubuntu Core differs from traditional Ubuntu
Installing UC20 Requirements & QEMU/Raspberry Pi install guides
Inside Ubuntu Core 20 How snaps are used to deliver confinement
Data recovery
Recovery modes Repair, restore or reinstall an impaired device
Recovery chooser Recovery from the device, the reboot command, or API
Data protection
Full disk encryption Protect the confidentiality and integrity of data
Volume layouts Which storage partitions can be created
Disable / enable encryption Model grade and storage-safety
Building a UC20 device
Customising devices Options for hardware, kernels, and snap package
Gadget snaps Define and configure system properties
Building the image Sign the model assertion and create the image