Ubuntu Community support for Debian 11 Release Parties

Debian 11 (Bullseye) is planned for release in two weeks, on 14 August 2021. These releases are rare; last time, my kids were much smaller and less surly.

Debian is a critical upstream for Ubuntu. Their success directly impacts ours. We share code, we share bugs, we share volunteers, we share developers, and we share a quite similar vision of Free Software.

So let’s help celebrate Debian’s achievement. Get out your old Debian swag, bake a Debian cake, and join a (remote) release party with a Debian-themed background.


You had me at bake a Debian cake! (Oh look, this Mary Berry Swiss roll has a wonderful red spiral in it!)

Also, this was beautifully said, and we should definitely celebrate Debian’s achievement however we can, baked goods or otherwise. Please share any links to release parties you know of here and we’ll help get the word out.

Debian 11 bullseye has been released!