Ubuntu community Mastodon instance

:wave: Hello!

I setup a Mastodon server which any Ubuntu Members can use.


It’s not currently available for all Ubuntu Users, only those of you who have gained Ubuntu membership.

Please take note the server rules (which may be subject to change), but seem good for now :wink:


Find out more over at https://ubuntu.social/about

Maybe see you on the :star2: Fediverse :star2:


Thanks for doing this, Alan! What a wonderful new benefit for Ubuntu members!

I still owe you that beer. :smile:


Wow, that’s cool! I’ve never used Mastodon, but I guess I’m going to now :smiley: Just signed up.

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New too to Mastodon - see what this works out too.


I have signed up, for my first Mastodon experience. But for me it seems that it just another chat service …


It’s a bit more akin to Twitter (microblogging) but open-source and decentralized/federated.


Once in, I have found out this, too.

Did my first post for testing it now …

It looks good! Followed you. :slight_smile:

Loving this so far! Thank you so much!

I have done two posts now, one announcing my OpenPrinting News of December, the other linking a YouTube video of a Ubuntu Summit panel which I have hosted. They got immediatley visible on the "Local"page but on “Federated” I see only my first post, not the one with the video. Is “Federated” only extremely delayed or has it special rules, like no accepting posts with YouTube links?

Now the second post with the video appeared …

In the desktop web browser interface I have a “Federated” view option (is this the whole Fediverse?). I do not find it in the Android app. Is it really missing there? Am I restricted to my server (ubuntu.social) in the app?