Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day 2018

It’s time again for the Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day!

It’s that time again to say thank you to people who you believe have helped the community with their contributions. Whether it is for work, for fun, or both, all contributions to Ubuntu matter.

I’ll respond to this with specific mentions, but I just wanted to say thank you to all of the Ubuntu Members and Canonical employees who continue to contribute to make Ubuntu the best it can be.


I really appreciate the work the new Lubuntu team has done. In the last year we have completely taken a turn for the better, switching to LXQt by default, and grown from a four person team with one or two people being around at a time to an over ten person team. Every single member of the team, no matter how little they contribute, has made a noticeable difference in the project, whether they know it or not. From Wendy helping with UX and design, to Dan, Hans, Ben, and Samuel helping with development, Lyn and Steed with the Lubuntu Manual, Chris with QA, and a few other people who also contribute, it all counts and I appreciate every bit of it.

@wxl, through his contributions to Lubuntu and Ubuntu, helps out in more ways than he will ever know. From stepping in from time to time when life gets in the way, to helping herd cats, to just being a great mentor and friend, he really deserves appreciation in my book.

@acheron for tirelessly maintaining the KDE packages in Ubuntu, and putting up with me while doing it. :wink:
No, but in all seriousness, I appreciate the hard work and consideration you put into the packaging, and a lot of people benefit from your work, more than you probably know. :slight_smile:

Adam Conrad and Steve Langasek deserve mention because they have been leading examples within the development community. Whether it’s sifting through queues or late night autopkgtest work among countless other things, it doesn’t go unnoticed, and it’s very, very appreciated.

I could list many more names but I want to reiterate a general thank you to all Ubuntu contributors and Canonical employees that work to make Ubuntu better.


Simon stole all my people! I’d like to thank @tsimonq2 as well though. :slight_smile: And @aaronhoneycutt, Michael Marley, Michael Parillo, Jose Manuel Santamaria Lema along with @wxl and @acheron who keep Kubuntu strong and healthy. In addition, a thousand thanks to @mitya57 & @tsimonq2 tsimonq2 for keeping Qt current in both Debian and Ubuntu.


I got to +1 all of what was said about the Lubuntu team. We’ve had a whole bunch of new people make major additions. It’s also fantastic how unafraid they are to take on new things (with a little encouragement). To see one’s first-ever git commits ending up in a released version of an OS is pretty awesome.

@teward. He’s helped out with a bunch of sysadminy things for Lubuntu, even consulted with a co-worker one time about an issue we were having, and has even offered some sane advice when it was much needed in a heated situation.

@tsimonq2 comes to mind for me, too. He’s been a vociferous volunteer, even when sick and inundated with school work. He’s also a good friend and I’m glad to know him.

@acheron gets a mention from me, too. He’s offered me tons of help in the past in packaging. Tons. He’s got a level head, which is always nice, and he’s always there to ask questions of, no matter how stupid.

@valorie-zimmerman always gets a big up from me. She’s awesome. If you don’t know her, you should. One of the things I most look forward to when heading up to Washington for the likes of LFNW or SeaGL is hanging out with her.

@elopio and @jose seem to tirelessly work to improve the community. They’re great to work with and we wouldn’t be the same without them.

Finally, I concur that Adam Conrad and Steve Langasek both deserve a lot of credit. They always seem to be at hand to answer questions and help out. Colin Watson, too.

Those are all people I’ve worked closely with in some way or another, but truly, everyone deserves credit. Thank you to all, both the user that’s done little than mention a bug to the long-running developer that’s had their hand in every pot. Ubuntu is what it is because of you.


@vanvugt thank you for diving into GNOME Shell upstream (and being persistent and improving your code when you’ve received scrutiny from upstream) and for trying to co-ordinate the community on triaging Ubuntu bugs :slight_smile:


I have genuine appreciation for all involved in the Ubuntu community. It is one of the most welcoming places there is.
Most importantly, @tsimonq2 and @wxl , you provide true inspiration. You both give an amazing amount, it is truly unreal. I learn almost daily from you. These are times I will always remember.
I look forward to meeting more of you along this journey.


This is music to my ears. The one thing I can hope for members of the Ubuntu community is that they have a great experience. At minimum, I hope they learn something. But when they actually engage and form relationships, that’s the real deal. That is the meaning of ubuntu (lowercase) which is the meaning of Ubuntu (uppercase) as applied to software.


Ha that’s a cool idea! But I think I am too late now? :frowning:


Thank you @didrocks for helping us with all the Yaru stuff that is not fixable by SCSS and for all the coordination and infos!


A little late, but I’m very thankful for the Ubuntu team for their great work on 18.04 & 18.10.

I’m very thankful for the Kubuntu team for providing a wonderful Plasma experience on Ubuntu. It’s currently the OS on my main laptop and gaming desktop.

Also, I’m very thankful for the guys who are maintaining Unity desktop for keeping one of my favorite desktop environments alive. I’m currently using it on my alternate laptop running on 19.04