Ubuntu Cinnamon - The Progress, The Support, The Work

Thank you so much everyone. The names go on and on, you guys have all worked with me on helping this become a thing.

First thing, I’m done flooding the flavors section for my stuff. It is greedy and rude. I will post here once in a while, but I am planning on making a website which will be made somehow, idk if it will be with wix or not but whatever.

Second thing, there will be twitter @CinnamonUbuntu , but I accidentally put in Feb 17, 2019 as the birthday of Ubuntu Cinnamon (but messed up because that locked the account) so I will fix that soon.

Third thing, the logo for ubuntu cinnamon was a work between @ckgu and I. He did the swirl around it and I edited in the mountain, so if you see him, give him a nice digital hug.

Ubuntu Cinnamon Img

Last thing, development is comming well, taking latest release from LM’s github, and building things from there. Here is my latest accomplishment, getting the Nemo file manager to work.

I love you all, thank you so much. This cannot have been done without many of you.



Can I suggest you touch-base with the Debian Cinnamon team (https://wiki.debian.org/CinnamonTeam). I’m aware they have in-train an uplift of current Debian Cinnamon packages such as nemo etc to the latest versions. This will happen after the Debian archive is reopened post its upcoming release.

Since that team are doing that part of the work, then a “Ubuntu Cinnamon” could/should concentrate on stuff that is not yet in Debian or stuff that never will be uploaded such as the “ubuntu cinnamon customisation look & feel”

For example, I am preparing nemo-share, nemo-dropbox and maybe folder-color-nemo packages and will be touching base with the Debian Cinnamon team once done to see if they are interested in sponsoring the upload.


Please do not forget to create task for tasksel named ubuntu-cinnamon-desktop.

Some users may want to switch to your flavor by sudo tasksel install ubuntu-cinnamon-desktop or sudo apt-get install ubuntu-cinnamon-desktop^.

And I agree with fossfreedom - you need to contact Debian cinnamon-team.

About Cinnamon versions you use info from repology.org.

I will check out the Debian cinnamon-team when I do work later. Tasksel will also be important, but we need to remember-when doing sudo apt-get install ubuntu-cinnamon-desktop, not a lot of people know that if they just want that, and no plymouth/grub theme change they could add --no-install-recommends , so it wouldn’t hurt to be a little user friendly and not obnoxious.

For Cinnamon biology I look at their github, which is where I am building packages on, and using their tag “4.0.xyz”. Some like blueberry aren’t updated, so I can use their master. For others, they didn’t change so I don’t have to bother.

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The email that was showed in the link you sent me (pkg-cinnamon-team@lists.alioth.debian.org) didn’t exist.

Quick update: I got pretty much all the packages (spices and themes come last), however the muffin isn’t working, it fails on one of its tasks and the cinnamon whole isn’t working. So, yeah. I will try to work on it, and I will report the bug.

Will also make new different versions of the icon.


I just changed tessa in my Cinnamon-disco-tessa to tina, but got only 2 upgrades from Mint repos, not much so changed it back to tessa. In a few days, it’d be moved from disco to eoan, and then to tina. I’d like to be ready when the next Linux Mint Tina would be ready to be released. Everything doing quite well in Cinnamon-disco-tessa, so keep on trying with your Ubuntu Cinnamon. You’d succeed.

Have a chat with embrosyn, for he had forked Cinnamon to Disco. He’s been doing this for a long time.

Good luck with your project. :slight_smile:

I’ve been compiling the packages. I talked with embrosyn via msg, so will wait for him to respond.

If we could touch face, and we could build the packages that would help the way Ubuntu Cinnamon works, as he can build the packages, and once they are stable for the remix upload them to the ppa.