Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix Update

Hey! ItzSwirlz here, just thought I should give you guys an update.

Cinnamon will be packaged using a tactic-using Linux Mint 19.1 we can get the latest Cinnamon and package it up to make a PPA here.

The PPA will also include other things that are relevant, like in the future, a welcome to Ubuntu Cinnamon type thing.

Everyone is welcome to help out and drop suggestions. Remember, Linux Mint is considered the most user-friendly linux, so we should try to make Ubuntu Cinnamon user-friendly.

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Any progress to report? Seems to have gone quiet.

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I will give a report when Ubuntu 19.04 gets released next week.

As I mentioned here, I have a fully updated Cinnamon-disco. I am awaiting the new Cinnamon for Tina to add it to that mix. It would be more and more hard to add the newest Cinnamon to the Ubuntu base, without becoming fully Linux Mint on the way.

I can, of course, add the ppa to get the development Tina-Cinnamon right now, but would wait until the Tina repo is officially released. Then, my install would be Cinnamon-Tina-Disco. When, Ubuntu moves to the next E… repo, it’d be moved there to keep it on top of the development cycle. Anyone can do that. I can vouch that the Cinnamon-Tessa-Disco is doing excellently and is practically the best Ubuntu based modern distro.

huh? There is zero reasons to add any of the mint specific packages for a remix distro. Good upstreams don’t hard-code dependencies between packages that would make it hard for distro’s to pick and choose what they want.

You haven’t created a distro - simply adding a bionic only PPA to a 19.04 base doesn’t make it a distro. Its a hybrid. Its an important point - you don’t mix different version repository contents when making a distro.

Remember the challenge for “cinnamon remix” is to produce an end product that is acceptable for a future official status distro. It will never happen if only random PPA’s at different versions are added to a base. All packages for a future flavour must exist in the standard repositories.

I haven’t added the ppa, as I mentioned above. I have moved Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa to Disco, after this matter of creating a Cinnamon Remix came up few months ago. I tried to add Tessa Cinnamon to Disco base, but it is pretty hard, for it somehow becomes Linux Mint. So, why waste time? Clem and his team had done a good job.

I don’t think anyone challenged anyone to create a Cinnamon Remix here. @itzswirlz sort of promised he’d do it. He sort of challenged himself. If he can do it, good for him!

I can seriously vouch that the Cinnamon-Tessa-disco is practically the best, fully featured Ubuntu based distro at the moment. I use quite a few tweaked Disco based distros. I also have the so-called standard disco distros in another laptop too. Just to compare. I have the following, tweaked ones,

  1. Disco-Openbox with Nemo 4.0.6, without running the desktop,
  2. Disco-Budgie with Nemo 4.0.6 running the desktop,
  3. Disco-Ubuntu with Nemo 4.06 as the default file manager and running the desktop, without Nautilus at all in it, (It is Disco-Ubuntu, not Disco-Gnome)
  4. Disco-Unity with Nemo 4.0.6 running the desktop and with all the eye-candy,
  5. Disco-Cinnamon-Tessa

of the gtk side.

It is interesting, when you don’t know how to code, but just use common sense to tweak the distro. Maybe, I’d continue 1 or 2 years more and then drop the whole thing. Getting old, and Linux is becoming quite boring.

Disco-Budgie is OK, but Budgie has too many settings. It doesn’t have a dedicated panel. The guy, who had the original idea of Budgie is gone. A person can be replaced on a job, but his thoughts cannot be. Budgie 11 would not happen. Sorry. The old web site is gone, so no one can get to the thoughts he had on Budgie 11. Anyway, all this is somewhat off topic. (I tested every single distro he made.)