Ubuntu channel snaps


When any user installs Ubuntu, it comes with snaps. These snaps are (sometimes? always?) taken from stable/ubuntu-<version> channel.

BUT when any user (-> me) deletes an Ubuntu snap, he has no possibility to recover this snap through this channel, except if he reminds this channel.

SO, may it be possible that these Ubuntu channels can be clearly listed in snap available channels, at least in Ubuntu sessions?

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I’m no expert here, but I think we have available what you’re after already.

To list what snap packages I have installed on my current system, I can use

guiverc@d7050-next:~$   snap list
Name               Version          Rev    Tracking         Publisher          Notes
bare               1.0              5      latest/stable    canonicalâś“         base
chromium           116.0.5845.179   2614   latest/stable    canonicalâś“         -
core               16-2.60.2        15925  latest/stable    canonicalâś“         core
core22             20230801         864    latest/stable    canonicalâś“         base
cups               2.4.6-4          980    latest/stable    openprintingâś“      -
element-desktop    1.11.36          62     latest/stable    ken-vandine✪       -
firefox            117.0-2          3068   latest/stable/…  mozilla✓           -
gnome-42-2204      0+git.ff35a85    126    latest/stable/…  canonical✓         -
gtk-common-themes  0.1-81-g442e511  1535   latest/stable/…  canonical✓         -
snapd              2.60.3           20092  latest/stable    canonicalâś“         snapd
telegram-desktop   4.9.5            5002   latest/stable    telegram-desktopâś“  -
wethr              1.5.2            56     latest/stable    snapcrafters✪      -

where channel is listed.

In the last hour I attempted to install a Ubuntu Desktop mantic daily, if I wanted to know what snap packages were installed by default, I could look at it’s manifest for that ISO (https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20230908.2/mantic-desktop-amd64.manifest - though note this is a daily so this URL will be outdated very soon; but this isn’t the case for released ISOs)

At the end of the manifest the snap packages are listed, for the daily I attempted to install (alas it failed)

snap:core22	stable	864
snap:snapd	stable	20092
snap:firefox	stable/ubuntu-23.10	3068
snap:gnome-42-2204	stable/ubuntu-23.10	126
snap:bare	stable	5
snap:gtk-common-themes	stable/ubuntu-23.10	1535
snap:snap-store	stable/ubuntu-23.10	1036
snap:snapd-desktop-integration	stable/ubuntu-23.10	83
snap:ubuntu-desktop-installer	stable/ubuntu-23.10	1229

Is this what you’re after? Or have I missed your point completely? (sorry if that’s the case).

That’s what I was looking for but the point is that these Ubuntu channels could be available in App Center’s channels list of a snap, allowing any user to not use the command line after having found them! :slight_smile:


There’s still a problem here: what is the list of /stable/ubuntu-23.10 snaps?
I realized that chromium or cups do have this channel. But obviously they are not listed in Ubuntu iso manifest.

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@dloose is there a way to include all channels (so, including ubuntu-23.10) to App Center channels list in a snap’s channels menu?

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AFAIK the list of branches for a given snap is not publicly exposed anywhere

So is that a secret kept by Canonical?

These channels are usually closed immediately after release and just pointing to latest/stable… they are only used for image re-spins or for (potential) emergency fixes after this…

Ok I believed there was sometime some differences in snap’s real versioning between stable and ubuntu channels.
So atm seems that only snap-store has a different version.

Sometimes there has been, like Firefox in the latest/stable/ubuntu-23.04 channel used core22 and gnome-42-2204 when the default stable Firefox still used core20. This wasn’t really documented anywhere that I saw but I noticed it while testing 23.04.

So I agree there should be a better way to know what the default snap channels should be for a release – and maybe even some command to run to reset the default snaps to the default channels?

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