Ubuntu boot time is "utterly slow" compared to Windows

I suggest to really improve the Ubuntu boot time. I’ve always known it is bad, but because i don’t boot that much i’ve always borne with the problem. After Windows 10 broke totally after an update. i just installed Kubuntu for my grandma. Now everytime she turns on the PC she asks me “Why is it so slow”, “everything is so slow”. She mentioned that it was “utterly slow” at boot and this is the truth. It is lacking very much compared to Ubuntu. So i’m giving feedback to Ubuntu/Canonical to consider really and dramatically improving the boot time. I know it’s all FOSS, it’s just a thread to acknowledge that there is a huge problem for Ubuntu in this area.

I’ve used systemd-analyze critical-chain but you just cannot go and disable every service, also there are some things there that even i don’t know what to do about. I didn’t manage to bring things any better.

To me, this seems like a moderately common AskUbuntu “Help me troubleshoot my slow boot time” support query.

I use both Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop and Windows 10 side-by-side daily, and never been bothered by either having a significantly longer boot than the other. However, I’ve admittedly never timed them.

@mystiquewolf, I believe the best way forward is to collect info about the slow boot using:

and then open a generic bug about the problem using ubuntu-bug or by going here. Please also attach (to the bug) a system log from a fresh slow boot using:

journalctl -b0 > journal.txt

This is a bug and not something that everyone experiences. So we don’t know where to start without more information from the affected machine.

Please mention the new bug ID here and then keep the conversation in the bug.


@vanvugt Thank you for not putting this issue aside. I am not pretending there is a bug, but the boot times are plain slow. I have created two bugs for my PC and for my grandma PC with the logs you have requested. Her Kubuntu also might not be shutting down correctly (a guess) because it shows the GRUB list of kernels on each boot and i’ve managed to lower the time to 1 sec. with GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT as GRUB_TIMEOUT didn’t work.

My Ubuntu bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1898878
Her Kubuntu bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1898869


I was facing this issue before (around 2,3 weeks before) but now it is working fine.

This happened to me in Kubuntu. I suggest you give her vanilla ubuntu.