Ubuntu at DevConf.US - Boston, USA, August 14th - 16th

Greetings my fellow Ubuntu enjoyers. Exciting news! The Ubuntu community is going to have a booth at DevConf.US this year in Boston :tada:

@aaronprisk and I, inspired by the work done by @Tylnesh at DevConf.CZ, are going to be staffing the booth. We are going to be bringing lots of Ubuntu-related goodies with us, as well as whatever tech demos we can fit in our suitcases. If you are in the Boston/New England area or attending DevConf.US and are interested in helping with booth, please don’t hesitate to comment on this thread or reach out via DM. You can also message us in the Ubuntu Community room on Matrix.

But that’s not all! I also have two talks that I will be giving during DevConf.US:

  1. Your own personal supercomputer within 15 minutes or less
  2. Gotta go fast: how we started the Ubuntu High-Performance Computing team

Better get yourself ready for a highly-productive community gathering with lots of high-performance computing! Hope to see yinz there :wink: