Ubuntu as Rolling-Release

Testers please… In need of them. :slight_smile:

Show the code. Post the link. People become testers if there’s anything to test.

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Told you, am working on it. I’ll post the link once done.

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It is for those, who wants to explore and experiment. Search the Ubuntu wiki, how to create a live iso from your installed system. Find out, who was fragadelic, and the scripts he created. Some might not work today, but the idea is pretty good. Check how Arch Linux, Gentoo, Funtoo is installed in a free partition. Teach you a lot, even if you can’t code. Common sense. Good luck!

Also, you have to understand that the devs here have a dead line, and they have to keep it. While Ubuntu continues to grow, there will always be point releases, every April and every October.

It is done. Screenshot below:

Uploading the ISO…

Uploaded - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1J_3WS4F4TDUmFSvwdzPO3IdfgWHByhbr

Alright. I’m having a look at it. Can you describe the core features? Entries in sources.list are pointed @ devel . Anything else?

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Well, I updated some applications by compiling them from source and edited the files in /etc. Unfortunately, the kernel didn’t upgrade. I edited /usr/share/python-apt/templates/Ubuntu.info. It is the first release and features yet to be added.

Which applications did you replace? How will they receive updates in the future with this being a rolling release?

Do you have a build-recipe on Github or somewhere else?

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@ppd I compiled Git and Firefox. I’ll be compiling other applications too, but due to lack of time because of the kernel, I wasn’t able to compile others.

I’ll be writing build scripts for applications so that the users could easily execute them and upgrade their packages, if they aren’t by the community.

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Very old-school :smile:

It’s a great learning exercise, isn’t it? Stay curious and keep on tweaking (and sometimes breaking) things.
I’d love to check out your scripts and recipes and whatnot in a repository. I recommend creating one, as it’s a good way to organize things and to learn project management.

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I know :smile: I’m planning to do that. I’m going to host a repository on Gitlab and try to gather around people :slight_smile:

Am developing shell scripts now. Repo at - https://gitlab.com/rswat09/ubuntu-blufire-scripts. Empty repo now, but will be filled soon :slight_smile:

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Will create the script for the Kernel 5.5 and 5.6. :slight_smile:

Script created for Kernel 5.5 - https://gitlab.com/rswat09/ubuntu-blufire-scripts/-/blob/master/kernel-upgrade-to-5.5.9.

could you guys take this elsewhere ? nothing of the last 20 or so posts is related to “Ubuntu as rolling release” so it is pretty much off topic.

there were answers from several people what the abilities to use Ubuntu as rolling distro are … hacking up an iso file, replacing bits in /etc (that are very likely being overwritten with the next apt update by the shipped files from the archive) or injecting kernels that are explicitly marked unsupported is not really helpful


Created new thread dedicated to Ubuntu BluFire.

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Since this is for a desktop workstation, you might be better off using a kernel specifically compiled for a desktop computer - 5.5.8-xanmod6. See https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=xanmod-2020-kernel&num=1 for further information.

The official kernel would be better, I’d say. I have had a bad experience with community kernels.