Ubuntu 24.04 has gaming visual graphics very different

After I installed Ubuntu 24.04, installed Steam, Nvidia (Using Xorg, not Wayland, for now). When I went to several games, they looked COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TO THE EYE. Games from Kingdom Come Deliverance, Battefield 1, Battlefield 4, The Finals, Fallout 4, Phasmophobia, Witcher 3 (With DirectX 12), Dying Light 2 and Cyberpunk.

Note that, a week before I tested them I used the SAME nvidia driver (550.78) and now, when I played them after installing Ubuntu 24.04 from scratch, I had to adjust my eyes (Difficult to explain this). Because I was mentally used to seeing the games in a specific way.

The games now look much better. And some look so different, like Kingdom Come, that I literally pause to look around, look at the rivers, shadows, sun, etc… Witcher 3 is like a whole new world. Took a couple of hours to understand what the hell happened and all I could come up is Ubuntu 24.04 was the only different variable. I did see the new Mesa, but is there something else I am missing as to why on 24.04 the games are just astounding. The performance is also much better. I will be making videos about this, but wanted to gather more intel about why the games would look SO MUCH better.

My video card on 23.10 is the same one for 24.04, a 4090. But the graphics jump is a bit on the exaggerating level. There is way too much of a graphical and visual jump between both versions. Can’t imagine what the explicit sync and HDR and VRR will be bringing to the table in 24.10 (or did they already land on 24.04?).

An example of a quick picture, but the game looks much better in different areas:


I knew they were cranking gaming up to a new level with the new 24.04, but I didn’t know what all they did.

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Can you suggest some good games to start with for a newcomer like me. (I never played much games except minecraft :sweat_smile:)

Sorry just coming back to the world (family sick). Depends on your taste. I am more into logic games, strategy games and thinking games. Or even horror ones. Depending on your taste I have tested several at https://steamcommunity.com/id/xtremelinux/

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I am preparing to make a new video about the impact of 24.04 on gaming. Using the latest version of Nvidia (right now 555.52 Beta), together with the latest Proton 9.0, together with Ubuntu 24.04 (no other changes or tweaks), I have noticed the following compared to 22.10 and 23.04 when I tested cyberpunk and witcher 3:

Ubuntu 24.04 has between 5x to 7x better FPS performance on Cyberpunk compared to a year ago (Jumps from an average of 30 FPS to 48 FPS at 1080p, to more than 220 FPS at 4K, at some points it was getting 350 FPS for the same intro areas). Yes, that is almost 700% better performance at different resolutions. Needs further testing but the intro was a huge boost in FPS performance.

Ubuntu 24.04 has 2x better performance in DirectX 12 for the wticher 3. On DirectX 11 in was about 50% more, but on DirectX 12, it was over 2X better performance, jumping from an average of 40 FPS a year ago to above 85 FPS in the first town test I did on both cases.

I need to test more games and record this for https://www.youtube.com/@xtremelinux but just letting the public know that the developers did an INCREDIBLE job here, along with many optimizations under the hood. This, on top of the proton updates, nvidia updates and gnome updates combined have boosted the experience on gaming on Linux to “literally” another level.

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Thanks a lot for these details. Would love to try some as soon as my sem ends! :smile: