Ubuntu 24.04 daily images missing pc-kernel snap


I noticed that installing the daily builds of 24.04 from Ubuntu 24.04 (Noble Numbat) Daily Build doesn’t install the kernel as a snap unlike 23.10, just curious if kernels are no longer being packaged as snaps for this LTS?

I see that there is a 24/stable branch for Install pc-kernel on Linux | Snap Store so not sure.

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The snap is only used with TPM based full disk encryption, else a dpkg packaged kernel is installed


Thanks! I first tried to install w/TPM FDE encryption, but was running into the issue with TPM DA lockout mode, and even after fixing that it asked for my recovery key on first boot so I fell back to the regular install.

Is pc-kernel not used on regular installs because of the NVIDIA kernel modules?

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