Ubuntu 23.10 Testing Week


Ubuntu and its various flavours will be participating in the Ubuntu Mantic Minotaur Testing Week from August 28th – September 1st!

Soon we will be releasing the Ubuntu 23.10 Mantic Minotaur Beta after halting all new changes and between then and the final release a few weeks later, all efforts are focused on image testing, bug reporting, and fixing bugs.

How to Join in the Testing Effort

Testing is fun and easy! Start by simply downloading one the the various daily images (Found below), perform the variety of the relevant test cases found on the ISO Tracker and report your results. Tests can be performed in a virtual environment or directly on hardware. Testers can perform as few or as many test cases as they like.

Chat with fellow Testers

Testing is a community effort and a great opportunity to meet your fellow Ubuntu enthusiasts. Start chatting about your test findings on the Ubuntu Testers Telegram group, on the #ubuntu-quality IRC channel or on the #testing-cycles channel on the Ubuntu Hideout Discord server.

Additional Learning Resources for Testers

Testing is an excellent way to contribute to the Ubuntu Community. Learn more about contributing via QA and Testing.

For new tester support and additional QA information, please check out our various learning resources:

Download Daily Images

Below you will find links to the daily images for Ubuntu and its various official flavours. Please take note of the architecture you’re downloading as test cases may be different for each.

Ubuntu Flavours are an important part of our ecosystem and also rely on community testers to ensure their releases are stable and ready for general use. While their testing process is typically very similar to Ubuntu, it’s important to follow their community’s additional testing guidance.

Ubuntu Images
Edubuntu Images
Kubuntu Images
Lubuntu Images
Ubuntu Budgie Images - Testing Notes
Ubuntu Cinnamon Images
Ubuntu Kylin Images
Ubuntu MATE Images
Ubuntu Studio Images
Ubuntu Unity Images
Xubuntu Images

More Testing to Come

There are additional exciting new features coming to Mantic Minotaur that aren’t quite ready for Testing Week. Once they land in our daily images, we’ll announce another round of testing that the community can take part in.


Thank you to meetdilip for supplying the art for the testing week banner image.


QA Tested Edubuntu daily build 20230828 - Passed
Kubuntu daily build 20230828 - Passed
Ubuntu-mate daily build 20230828 - Passed
All tested in Virtual box - entire disk install.
I would like to thank all of the developers and any others who helped.
“Awesome job well done”


In the ISO dated 2023-08-29 they were missing system-config-printer-common and hplip ?


This may be related to some changes around the CUPS package being shipped with Mantic. @till-kamppeter may have some additional insight.

Adding a printer is not one of the QA Tracker Testcases to test the Ubuntu .iso

Yes, those packages (and maybe some more) are temporarily in universe, due to the now postponed plan to migrate to snaps for printing. That’s why they are not included in the ubuntu-desktop daily ISO currently.


We are aware of all the printing-related problems in Mantic, as we tried a switchover to the using the CUPS Snap instead of the usual Debian packages to provide the printing stack. Unfortunately, we did not succeed to complete all the needed desktop integration in time and therefore we have withdrawn from this switchover. It is possible that we have overlooked some packages when returning to the original state. This we will naturally fix before the release.

See also: CUPS Snap - Call for testing

Sorry for the inconvenience.


it’s testing week but page http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/446/builds/287095/testcases
only reports tests for canary. should I ignore them and use them for daily? Thank you.

and page https://cdimages.ubuntu.com/releases/23.10/beta/ contains only server and legacy ISOs

2 days before my icons went to Hicontrast when I toggled between dark and light themes through settings. I tested again today, the same, no way out. Then installed gnome-tweaks through Terminal and switched back to Yaru.