Ubuntu 23.10 asking for TPM recovery key on every boot after firmware update

As the titile says, I’m using Ubuntu 23.10 with the newly introduced TPM based FDE, i got a firmware update (for UEFI dbx) the other day so i did the update, then after reboot it asked me to enter TMP recovery keys, thankfully I made sure to backup them during installation so i was able to boot by entering it, but since then everytime i turn on my laptop it shows a message like this:

Please enter the recovery key for disk /dev/disk/by-partuuid/c7f7971b: (press TAB for no echo)

Again since I’ve my recovery key backed up, I’m able to boot, but it’s getting very annoying to write the 40 words long recovery key everytime to turn on my laptop, shouldn’t it save the recovery key when I first entered it after firmware upgrade? Is there anyway to save the key manually & fix this issue so i don’t have to write the TPM recovery key on literary every boot?

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I’m surprised it allowed you to do the firmware update. I thought TPM-FDE installations made it impossible in its current state.

In any case, have you had any kernel updates since then? I would think that updating the kernel would force re-fresh the TPM binding.

Yeah it indeed updated the firmware version (of uefi dbx) to the newer version (337 i guess) as shown in the new firmware updater app, but now I’m facing this problem, and no i didn’t had any kernel updates yet.

You could try waiting for a newer kernel update and see if the refresh fixes this, or you could try to force it by switching to a new kernel snap channel, then switching back


sudo snap refresh pc-kernel --channel=23.10/beta


sudo snap refresh pc-kernel --channel=23.10/stable


Either way, might be best to report this as a bug.


Thanks, I’m trying it in a minute

Thankyou so much! This actually worked!! I was getting very frustrated due to manually writing such long recovery key everytime, and thought i have to reinstall everything again and start from zero lol

While I’m glad you got this figured out, one of the rules of this discourse is that it’s not to be used for technical support. Please use askubuntu.com, forums.ubuntu.com, or answers.launchpad.net in the future. Thanks!