Ubuntu 23.04 Beta Testing


Ubuntu and its various flavours are excited to release the beta of Ubuntu 23.04 Lunar Lobster and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Getting Started

Start by simply downloading the Ubuntu 23.04 Beta ISO, install it on your machine (physical or virtual), perform the variety of test cases found on the ISO tracker and report your results. If you experience any bugs along the way, consider submitting a bug report with your findings.

New Feature Testing

New Desktop Installer Testing

With the exciting Desktop installer built on Subiquity and Flutter arriving in Ubuntu 23.04, we’re calling on our Community Testers to help identify any issues that may appear. To help test out the new installer, be sure to choose the Ubuntu Desktop amd64 test cases in the ISO tracker.

It’s important that we capture a broad spectrum of test results, so we encourage testers to evaluate and document various configurations such as:

  • Dual booting
  • Custom partitioning
  • Using different graphics hardware

You can find additional reported issues to test in the Ubuntu Desktop Installer github project.

Legacy Desktop Image Testing

We also need testers to evaluate the legacy desktop image that comes preloaded with the classic Ubuntu Desktop installer. You can perform these tests by downloading the Ubuntu Legacy ISO and following the steps outlined in the various Ubuntu Desktop (Legacy) amd64 test cases.


Ubuntu 23.04 ships with the latest and greatest iteration of the GNOME desktop packed with a bevy of new features. To help iron out any desktop specific bugs, we encourage testers to explore the newly updated desktop environment and report any issues they experience.

Spice Up Your Testing

Ubuntu Flavours are an important part of our ecosystem and also rely on community testers to ensure their releases are stable and ready for general use. While their testing process is typically very similar to Ubuntu, it’s important to follow their community’s additional testing guidance.

Kubuntu ISO
Lubuntu ISO
Ubuntu Budgie ISO
Ubuntu Kylin ISO
Ubuntu Studio ISO
Ubuntu Unity ISO
Xubuntu ISO
Xubuntu Minimal ISO

We’re thrilled to have two NEW official flavours available for testing this release, Edubuntu and Ubuntu Cinnamon. You can help welcome them to the flavour family by testing their inaugural beta.

Edubuntu ISO
Ubuntu Cinnamon ISO

Connect with Fellow Testers

Join in the testing conversations over on the #ubuntu-quality and #ubuntu-testing IRC channels, The Ubuntu Testers Telegram group , or on the #testing-cycles channel on the Ubuntu Hideout Discord server.

Expand Your Testing Toolkit

Testing is a fun and vitally important way to contribute to the Ubuntu Community.
Learn more about contributing via QA and Testing

For new tester support and additional QA information, please check out our various learning resources:
New Tester Guide
Testing Walkthrough
QA Development Setup
Ubuntu Quality Launchpad Team
The Keys to Successful Bug Reporting


Great post! I will also mention that the Daily ISO images from the various flavors are iterations upon the beta ISO images and contain bug fixes. In many cases, they contain bug fixes that aren’t present in the beta images, so it’s a good idea to test the most recent daily image from the ISO tracker too!


A big Ubuntu THANK YOU to all the community volunteers who have been putting the Lunar Beta and Daily image to the test! Your contributions will help ensure that the next iteration of Ubuntu is the best one yet.

Here were your :lobster: Top Testers :lobster: for the Beta release week:


Release day is coming soon! You can help squash any remaining bugs by testing out the daily image.