Ubuntu 22.10 Testing Week

Ubuntu and its flavours will be participating in another ‘Ubuntu Testing Week’ from September 29th to October 6th. On September 29th, we’ll be releasing the Ubuntu 22.10 Beta after halting all new changes and between then and the final release 3 weeks later, all efforts are focused on ISO testing, bug reporting, and fixing bugs.

Please join the community by downloading the daily ISO image and trying it out. There are a variety of test cases on the ISO tracker , which take less than 30 minutes to complete, so give them a try.

If you are having difficulties, watch our Community Team member emeritus @popey do it in the videos below and join the tester community live in our IRC channel ( #ubuntu-quality on libera ), telegram group ( Ubuntu Testers ) or in the #testing-cycles channel on the Ubuntu Hideout Discord server .

If you’d like to read up more on being a tester, visit the links below.

Flavour releases:

Testing is a great way to begin contributing to Ubuntu, and testing week is a great way to start. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask here and on the testing channels listed in the post.


I have found a number of issues when utilising Ubuntu 22.10, some related to packages and some relating to the distribution itself. The latter I would’ve opened myself on launchpad had it not been a duplicate.


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Does 22.10 support Intel Arc GPUs? If not, are there plans on backporting the support from 6.0?

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Thank you for your test efforts and highlighting these issues!


That would be a question for our OEM/kernel teams. I don’t know about their backporting plans.

A quick check shows that:

Safe to say that official long term support should be available by Ubuntu 22.04.2 in February 2023.

If you had the hardware before then you could probably get it working by:

  1. Install Ubuntu 22.10 (graphics will be low resolution but should be usable).
  2. Add kernel 6.0 (mainline or Ubuntu OEM supported) to enable full graphics support.
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Damn. That’s hella long. Hope there would be an easier/smoother way for people to use Arc on 22.04/22.10.

Apparently Mesa in Ubuntu 22.04 already supports Arc so we’re only waiting on the release of kernel 6.0 for 22.04 in theory…

In practice there is at least one known bug on Arc even with the required packages.


I had been doing ISO testing for a while, but recently I’ve not been receiving emails about new test candidates, even though I am definitely subscribed. Which is frustrating when I realise that I’ve missed another milestone.

Who should I contact in order get this fixed?

Any idea how old ZFS states can be deleted automatically?

Hello, does anyone know why nvidia-driver-520 drivers are missing in Kinetic repository?


Hey @tony762 good question! It actually wasn’t quite ready for release but it is planned to go in as an SRU.

Ah, thanks. Next finding is that when installing nvidia-driver-515-open with secure boot enabled, I had to manually create MOK, enrol it and sign all Nvidia modules.