Ubuntu 22.04 Testing Week

Ubuntu and its flavours will be participating in another ‘Ubuntu Testing Week’ from March 31st to April 6th. On March 31st, we’ll be releasing the Ubuntu 22.04 Beta after halting all new changes and between then and the final release 3 weeks later, all efforts are focused on ISO testing, bug reporting, and fixing bugs.

Please join the community by downloading the daily ISO image and trying it out. There are a variety of test cases on the ISO tracker , which take less than 30 minutes to complete, so give them a try.

If you are having difficulties, watch our Community Team member emeritus @popey do it in the videos below and join the tester community live in our IRC channel ( #ubuntu-quality on libera ), telegram group ( Ubuntu Testers ) or in the #testing-week channel on the Ubuntu Hideout Discord server .

If you’d like to read up more on being a tester, visit the links below.

Flavour releases:


As Alan mentioned in the Ubuntu Podcast Season 13 Episode 40 (:sob:) about the previous testing week, “There was a nice community led Ubuntu Testing Week that we talked about back in Episode 3, I think, and the thing I loved about that, is that it was community oriented. They didn’t have to ask permission. They didn’t have to get Canonical approval to do this. It was just a bunch of community people who decided to get together and get some testing of 20.04 before its release and they organised it for all of the flavours and it really helped. A lot more people had eyeballs on 20.04 than previous releases, so it was very welcome that people were doing it.

Martin Wimpress also mentioned how beneficial it was in Season 13 Episode 3 where he said, “… It is definitely paying dividends. In the nicest way possible, they made members of the Desktop Team cry today. We had our weekly team meeting where we go through all the bug reports to triage them and usually there are some, and there were pages of them and we didn’t get through them all. So we are scheduling another bug triage meeting later this week in order to pick up where we left off from. But this is great because we are actually getting decent bug reports that we can work with and [take] action [on] and improve what will be the final release in 3 weeks time. So for all the tears that were shed, it was definitely a worthwhile endeavour because these are bugs that other people would encounter when they install 20.04 for the first time. So thank you everyone that was involved in that effort. It was much appreciated.

Testing is a great way to begin contributing to Ubuntu, and testing week is a great way to start. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask here and on the testing channels listed in the post.