Ubuntu 20.04 UI/UX Shortcomings

I am going to update this thread with series of UI/UX problems I encounter during my day to day activities with Ubuntu 20.04

I request Ubuntu team and linux experts to either suggest the fix/solution/workaround and may consider it to fix in next planned ubuntu bug-fix-patch release.

Case: 1
Ubuntu 20.04 fails to show shortcut icons in the launcher when .desktop file have application pointing from external drive which is “always connected and mounted”. The screen capture below present you the problem. Any fix or if I missed something, please feel free to highlight.

Thank you!

Case 2:

Emoji picker 2 major usability (UX) issues…

  1. In favourite section, previously selected Emoji should come to first place of selection instead of staying in the place when it is added initially.

  2. The shortcut “CTRL + SHIFT + E + press space bar + select the category from popped up menu” doesn’t look like “shortcut”. it has to quick, short and get things done.
    CTRL + SHIFT + E can be changed to something else with dconf editor, what is required to be tweaked is that, by default, “favourite” category is opened and previously selected emjoi should be ready selected.

These may be labelled UI/UX shortcomings, but they’re effectively bugs. They should be reported to the appropriate project. This website is not a bug tracker.


yes, understood and I beg your pardon for reporting items in wrong place.

which category should these UI/UX bugs to fall into while reporting defects using ubuntu-bug utility as instructed here? https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/report-ubuntu-bug.html.en


…and FYI i learned that i can not delete this thread.

No problem.

If it’s shell related (as in the UI you see on the desktop and not a specific application) I’d use ubuntu-bug gnome-shell to file the bug there.