Ubuntu 20.04 collectd python broken

I’ve just noticed that collectd-core 5.9.2 is broken on ubuntu 20.04 it works ok in 5.7.2 and its fine in 20.10 (5.11.0-7).

Anyone know if there are any plans to release a fix for 20.10 LTS?

Plans to release a fix would be in the bug report.

Did you look for the bug report?

I have collectd-core running on Focal. What are you seeing that is broken?

I’m running package version 5.9.2.g-1ubuntu5


I see in the subject you specify that python specifically is not working. If you have a problem with the collectd python plugin, you might want to look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/collectd/+bug/1872281

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