Ubuntu 19.04 - What to expect, what to do

Hey everyone! Oh mah god, we are only three days away from the 19.04 release. Here is everything you need to know:

One) Yes, in three days, the release will be near.
Two) The updates are partially security, and probably new stuff, but mainly, it will be new looks. This includes but isn’t limited to

  • Terminal
  • Ubuntu Software
  • Other looks for the GNOME Shell/Desktop

Three) Package updates in terms of repositories might happen. When doing apt update, the repositories might not work. This is the phase of updating the repos. Be patient.
Four) If you want to help, it isn’t too late. You can go to the post on Ubuntu 19.04 candidate testing, as it is in final freeze. You have three days, and it’s not just Ubuntu. You can also help Kubuntu, or other Ubuntu flavors. It might be the same task, but every little bit helps.
Five) If you want to help, you are NEVER too late. 19.10 and other versions are good versions to also help with. There is so many opportunities to contribute to (wallpaper comp, reporting bugs, suggestions, etc.)
Six) There is upgrade ISO’s for people upgrading from MM.YY to 19.04, for all flavors I THINK, but I am sure on classic Ubuntu. It is always a good idea to back up your files and put it somewhere safe. A fresh, classic, reinstall is always good to have. It just feels clean. Just remember the packages and extensions, then install, and place your documents on, and then install the other necessary packages and extensions.

If you have any questions, drop em here.


I am waiting for those 3 days + 2/3 weeks for the E… name repos to come about to move my installs there. :wink: