Ubuntu 19.04 review

excellent kernel update.
better support for nvidia graphics.
increased speed.
great stability .
incorporates WINE improvements.
fixed bugs.
nice yaru theme.
Ubuntu Mate 19.04 works great.

Things I would like to see:
Development of a ONE CORE Ubuntu, and then simply plug in any flavors.
Easily allow more than one flavor as install, with all apps useable with any and all desktops or flavors.

minimalists should not dictate the desktop for the major Ubuntu distribution, it should be another flavor.

If Gnome is to be the desktop for all, it should also have options for all, especially for those migrating from Windows Microsoft.
That is, if one really wants everyone to consider Ubuntu as a better alternative to Windows 10.
Unfortunately, many Windows 10 users need the ease of use, but do not necessarily like the cost, stability, safety and tremendous waste of time and resources that Microsoft brings.

Many would love to switch to a better OS, like Ubuntu, but only if it were easy and usable for the majority.

When one sits behind a real desk, one uses it for their individual liking and needs.
What good is a desk that one cannot use, but one has to struggle and waste time to open the drawers of the desk every time one needs an item that could be easily available and on the real desk.
The computer desktop is merely an imitation of the real desk.
Ubuntu for humans, right?

If developers want a desktop for themselves it should be called: Ubuntu Developers 19.04.

Since I like to be in control of my own desktop and use it for my personal needs, to have on my desktop what I need on my desktop.
I reluctantly had to revert back to Ubuntu Gnome 18.04.

Although I really wanted the many improvements of Ubuntu Gnome 19.04, but with the capabilities of 18.04.

I really need the choice of menus, docks and desktop tools on the actual PC desktop, with control of what I want it to look like.
I really need to be able to drag and drop any item easily to the desktop.
And I need Filing cabinets and managers like Caja and Nemo to save me time, and incorporate all the ease of use, so I can be productive.

However, the hard work and skills of the Ubuntu Gnome desktop developers are commendable.

I, and I think most users just do not want to be forced into a minority liked OS of a few minimalists.

But, thank you all for a free, open source OS, open to the personal views, wishes and needs of all users.

Ubuntu is still the best.

Closing. This is too broad to be a single useful topic.
You have, at my count, at least five independent topics. Some are appropriate here, some not. Some already have open threads

Your complaints about the Gnome Desktop are misplaced here. Please provide useful and considered Gnome feedback to the Gnome Project directly.