Ubuntu 18 Freeze after first failed login

Hi All,

I’ve installed Ubuntu 18 LTS on my Laptop. I’ve problem on login screen, I’ve failed login on my first login on my ubuntu 18 desktop, then I tried to re-login (second login) using correct password, I think login success but only showing blank screen. But, if on first login password correct, login success and no blank screen. So that, if on first login failed, I must directly shutdown my laptop with poweroff button and wait for booting again until login screen appear and then login using correct password.

Need enlightenment. Thank you.

Though this is the wrong place to post bugs or help requests for bugs I can tell you that this is already reported and worked on. I don’t have the link at hand atm.

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Thank you @frederik-f . Waiting next update from Ubuntu for better OS.

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I have:

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Thanks @gunnarhj
I’ve visited that link

I’ve moved this to the https://community.ubuntu.com/c/support-help-requests category because this site isn’t designed to take tech support questions. Sorry. I’d recommend using one of the official support channels listed on the https://community.ubuntu.com/t/finding-help/712 page