Ubuntu 18.04 move window without tilebar, by press and hold Alt + click inside window

In Ubuntu 16.04 you can move any window without titlebar by pressing the Alt key and click+hold+move everywhere inside the window. In Ubuntu 18.04 development branch, this is not possible.
For example, I can’t move the tilda terminal to my main display.

It is possible, but in GNOME Shell you have to use the Super/Windows key, but in Unity it was Alt key. You can change this from Super to Alt key with GNOME Tweaks (once you install that from the Ubuntu Software).


Perfect, thank you for this reply!

@seb128, @didrocks I think it would be the case to set the Alt key as default again for this.

Having Super is confusing for our users, especially in case we want to use it for showing keybindings view.


All window management (maximize/minimize, dock left/right) is done with the Super key, do you mean moving all of them as well and diverging from upstream and changing the documentation? What then about window management AND workspace management, like moving windows between workspaces?

I’m quite unsure, we can add alt in addition to Super, but I wouldn’t remove the upstream behavior IMHO.

Though I’d support this change, it’d need to be done in an easily-reversible manner. Some software uses Alt-(right)click as a shortcut, e.g. Blender. This has confused others in the past, e.g. this Blender StackExchange post.

On Ubuntu 16.04, I use Super+Alt to Alt-select in Blender, since holding Super bypasses the normal Alt-key behavior.