Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop Running Wayland with Chromium-mir-kiosk+Mir-kiosk?

I have a development device (laptop) that running ubuntu 18.04 dekstop, I want to running mir-kiosk + chromium-mir-kiosk in my devices, I didn’t want to running in ubuntu-core-vm / VM, I want to run it (wayland+mir-kiosk+chromium-mir-kiosk) in tty4 for my development, it’s posible to do that? or any other different method that not using ubuntu core?

because I want to running heavy process / service (nginx, mongodb, python. etc) in my development devices, and after it’s done, I want to the laptop to use kiosk chrome to display, so user done bother anything else except anything displayed in chromium+mir-kiosk that running in my laptop?

anyone can give me help?
@alan_g @greyback

@azkaraharja999, you don’t say what problem you are finding.

In theory, there should be no reason for problems running mir-kiosk on a “classic” system; but, in practice, there seems to be a problem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapd/+bug/1804869

The workaround for this is to install mir-kiosk with --devmode.

I hope this is the problem you are seeing, and the workaround is helpful to you.

sir @alan_g when I reinstall my laptop with ubuntu server 18.04, when I running chromium-mir-kiosk --beta --devmode with mir-kiosk --devmode it’s blankscreen, but the cursor is shown?
how to fix it?
and if I want to see the log where is the log placed?

this solved when use chromium-mir-kiosk --devmode --edge,

but the keyboard input not working…


fix it with snap set chromium-mir-kiosk shownav=true

ask: sir @alan_g : can when booting my ubuntu 18.04 server it’s show vt4 default so when the devices is booted up it’s shown chromium-mir-kiosk, or how to running it with disable keyboard shorcut for Ctrl+Alt+F1…F7? and add secret shortcut for go to specific tty,
Or I have to research with egmde as core for my case?

That’s normal for when you have mir-kiosk installed with no connected application. I don’t know why chromium-mir-kiosk isn’t running when you do this.

BTW I don’t think there’s any reason to use --devmode with chromium-mir-kiosk.

The logs are can be found the same way as any other snap. E.g.

sudo snap log chromium-mir-kiosk

When mir-kiosk starts it will try to activate the VT it is configured for, If something subsequently changes the VT that’s where you need to fix the problem (Mir can’t do much about it).