Ubuntu 18.04 beta login loop after failed upgrade

Yesterday I tried to upgrade my 16.04 LTS Ubuntu version to Ubuntu 18.04. While upgrading, due to my mistaks, i pressed a wrong key which cancel the installation progress. I was trying to re-installing it again by calling previous command, but it was locked. So i try to remove dpkg lock but it still didnt work, instead everything got broken even more because of my limitation skill on Linux System. These broken things include dpkg and apt. By then, i could not intstall or re-installing it again because everything is broken. I tried to reconfigure dpkg but it is not working. Because i cannot find a good solution, then i think if i can boot into a live disk and then copy the all dpkg dir into my ubuntu. Unfortunately, after i done copying from live disk, i could not lock into my ubuntu anymore because screensaver (include tty) was stuck and i can do nothing and this may cause by installation failure. After that, i managed to boot into recovery mode and re-upgrade it from scatch. After everything is done, screensaver is responsive now but i got login loop and i cant find any solutions that is working.

I have tried to:

  • reinstall lightdm, gdm3
  • reconfigure dpkg of lightdm and gdm3
  • set ownership and permission to ~/.Xautority
  • purge all nvidia driver


  • when i press a wrong key, some of the packages is already done installation while some doesnt
  • on lock screen (screen server) i saw it put Ubuntu 17.04 instead of 18.04 but when i check release info, it is Bio-Beaver.

Here are my log files:


I’ve moved this to the https://community.ubuntu.com/c/support-help-requests category because this site isn’t designed to take tech support questions. Sorry. I’d recommend using one of the official support channels listed on the https://community.ubuntu.com/t/finding-help/712 page…however, their support for pre-release software (like18.04) is very, very limited.

I recommend clean-installing a supported release of Ubuntu (16.04, 17.10). Install 18.04 only if you wish to help test it.