Ubuntu 18.04.2 Testing (really ready)

Hi testers,

As Adam announced on ubuntu-release Ubuntu 18.04.2 (aka Bionic Beaver point release two) and its flavours are going to be released this week (Feb. 7th) and now is a good time to test the ISOs to make sure that installation and core functionalities are working correctly.

Never tested an image before? Checkout the information on the wiki. You can sharpen your skills right now by testing the daily image. If you encounter any issues please don’t hesitate to ask. Don’t forget, you can talk in realtime on IRC on freenode @ #ubuntu-quality.

RC images are availalable on the ISO Tracker. Synchronize your ISOs, test, report results, rince, wash, repeat until it’s ready to release.

Testing on VMs is great but if you have spare hardware or a free partition, testing on hardware is a great source of information.

Happy testing!


The release is delayed to Feb 14th due to bug 1814555: Ubuntu boot failure. 4.18.0-14 boot stalls. (does not boot).

Read Adam’s post for the full announcement.

A fix should land soon and testing will resume. Until that time you can continue testing and see if you can find other nasty hidden bug.

Thanks everyone and stay tuned!


RCs are now really ready for testing with a new kernel that fixes i915 issues. Go and chase these nasty bugs that may still be hidden in this release.

The release is due on Thursday 14th.

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Caution if you use the PPA Graphics Drivers in Ubuntu 18.04.1. They haven’t updated the repo with the version 18.04.2 yet and if you update Ubuntu 18.04.1 with HWE you will have a nice brick.

Yesterday late afternoon PPA Graphics Drivers were updated with Ubuntu 18.04.2 but I see that was not updated vulkan and nvidia-settings. I suffered the problem of updating and as a result my pc became a nice brick. This time I prefer to wait until the two missing repositories are updated to test them.

nvidia-settings & libvulkan1 don’t depend or limit on xserver version & don’t have to be updated.
The update for nvidia drivers was simply adding |xserver-xorg-core-hwe-18.04 to a line in the rules.def file in the debian folder…

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