Ubuntu 17.10 Community ISO Testing

Ubuntu 17.10 Community ISO Testing

Ubuntu 17.10 is rapidly approaching, with final release scheduled for Thursday 19th October 2017!

Before that happens though, we need your help to test the many ISO images generated by Ubuntu and all the flavours, especially the final RC images, typically due on Monday 16th.

So with that in mind, we’re having an UbuntuOnAir hangout on Monday 16th at 15:00 UTC (click link to find your local time) to run through what needs to be done for successful final testing.


Here’s what we’re going to cover to get started:-

  • Where to get the ISO images - which are the ones that need testing now?
  • Writing images to USB sticks
  • The ISO tracker, what it is and how to use it
  • Which tests to run & how to run them

Then we’re going to go through a couple of test runs on real hardware. Hopefully we’ll find a bug or two so we can show:-

  • How and where to file bugs (if you find any)
  • Updating the ISO tracker with findings

Join us to find out how easy and helpful it is to test out the ISO images for Ubuntu and all our flavours!


Easy enough to find a bug during install - just choose the lvm/encrypt option, use a non-US keymap, make sure to have some sort of symbol (I find using # on a UK kbd fine) and then install.

Robert is your uncle :grin:

(Bug #1047384 “System Encryption Password set before setting keyb...” : Bugs : ubiquity package : Ubuntu)

@flocculant I understand that one is on the roadmap for 18.04.

Do you have a list of some of these which are install specific? Perhaps we can add a section to the post about for ‘known bugs’ so people playing along at home can easily find them and we don’t get a ton of dupes. Maybe format them with [ description from bug ] ( bug url ) so they’re easy to follow. Do you have such a list?

This is a list of bugs reported against the various installer testcases ~(eg http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/376/builds/158565/testcases/1301/results ) they aren’t flavour specific, so it appears that if something is reported against the Manual testcase for one ‘flavour’ it appears on all.


Hope that helps.

(As an aside - I am not sure what the state of play is with booting iso’s on vbox, but if you try building a vm in the virt-manager you need to jump through hoops for it to work. qemu on cli appears to be ok, might be worth making that known for people)

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Hey @popey - what is the duration of on-air? It starts during my morning commute to, but I wouldn’t mind joining in a little later.

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@bashfulrobot we aimed for ~1 hour.

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I tried to install Ubuntu 17.10 beta 1 and 2 in my Alienware 17 have nvidia 1070 and after I install nvidia graphics. I can boot the laptop but I wouldn’t continue to login. Just error therefore I decide to get back and used 16.04

Tweeted. I’ll also put the link in other social media places.

I will not be able to make it, but our Artwork Team lead will be there.

Happy testing!

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Should be there for Kubuntu, if only via IRC.

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Will a recording be available afterwards? I used to do some image testing but it’s been awhile and I want to see what’s changed.

Sure will. It will be on the Ubuntu On Air YouTube channel.

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Where is the link to the RC-ISO???

@mohammedimran The RC images aren’t built yet. When they are, we’ll post them.

The RC images are available now.


Adam Conrad, on behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team, has spun up a set of images for everyone with serial 20171015.

Those images are not final images (ISO volid and base-files are still
not set to their final values), intentionally, as we had some hiccups
with langpack uploads that are landing just now.

That said, we need as much testing as possible, bugs reported (and, if
you can, fixed), so we can turn around and have slightly more final
images produced on Monday morning. If we get no testing, we get no
fixing, so no time like the present to go bug-hunting.

(addendum: I was posting this on fridge.ubuntu.com, and thought it could be put here (community.ubu…) too… possibly didn’t fit thread so sorry - but why this ended up here)

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We have a new spin of images this afternoon, so get re-syncing :wink:


Not sure if it fits here, but lan isn’t working for me. Wifi is.

I did an upgrade from 17.04 minimal and then installed the desktop. Turing the install I did saw a network manager error, but didn’t think much of it. Not skilled enough to debug it any further tho :roll_eyes:

@acheron - just a suggestion… Support requests should be posted else where as this site is for community onboarding. The Ubuntu Forums at https://ubuntuforums.org/ is a great start.

This community hub is more so geared towards getting people involved in the Ubuntu ecosystem (contributing code, docs, etc.)

@bashfulrobot What support request? I did not make one.