UbuConLa - Ubuntu Conference LatinAmerica

UbuConLa - Ubuntu Conference LatinAmerica

UbuConLa is the Ubuntu Conference edition in Latin America, this event is organized each 2 years and moves between latinamerican cities.

UbuConLa is an opportunity to chare about the latests news in the Ubuntu world and to share and connect with other entussiasts and tech professionals.


This time the UbuConLa is in Colombia and is organized with the support of Ubuntu Colombia, Ubuntu Venezuela and FLISoL Medellin.


UbuConLA is for everyone who is interested in Ubuntu and open source technologies.




Medellín, Colombia
Ciudadela para la Cuarta Revolución Industrial-C4TA - Map


Website: https://ubuconla.org/

What do you need to visit Colombia?

Please check if you need a visa here.

You will have to fill check mig form, access here.

If you have questions you can contact Naudy (@Naudy) or Lina (@linaporras) through telegram.


Join us at the exciting 8th edition of Ubucon Latin America 2023 in Medellin, Colombia! :colombia:
UbuConLA is a free and open event.
We look forward to seeing you there!
Saludos :wave:

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