UbuCon @ SCaLE 21x - Schedules and Call for Booth Volunteers


UbuCon is upon us :zap:

Who’s ready for SCaLE 21x next week? I know that I am; we have lots of exciting talks and workshops lined up!


UbuCon @ SCaLE 21x will take place Thursday, March 14th and Friday, March 15th as a colocated event with the rest of the SCaLE 21x conference. The schedule for both days of UbuCon is up on the SCaLE 21x website.

The first day of UbuCon will be talks, and then the second day will be birds of a feather :feather:, workshops, and some more talks. It’s going to be a good time!

Call for Booth Volunteers

We are going to have an Ubuntu booth throughout the conference and are looking for volunteers to help staff the booth throughout the weekend. If you’re attending SCaLE 21x and are interested helping staff the Ubuntu booth for a two hour slot, please join the UbuCon @ SCaLE 21x room on Matrix and ping me at @nuccitheboss. I’ll share the spreadsheet and you can let me know you’re availability! You should also join the Matrix room if you want to stay up to date or be involved with what the Ubuntu community is up to throughout the conference!

That’s all folks! Hope to see you there - it’s going to be epic :sunglasses: