Ubucon Europe 2022 - Looking for volunteers!

Hello everyone!

After a successful Ubucon Europe in 2019, we have been lacking in organizing another one.

This is mostly due to the taxing of the pandemic, on which we were waiting to see if we could at some point do an in-person event.
At the pace of how things are developing in the world, right now, an in-person event doesn’t seem a viable thing to do without major risks and hassles, hence we decided to do it online.

The main goal for the Ubucon is to give people from the Ubuntu community, and the tech community in general, a platform where they can present a topic, teach, learn and share knowledge.

The first step on what we want to do is a call to action for volunteers, to help organize and steer the Ubucon Europe 2022 throughout this year.
We will be organizing a small introductory session on Jitsy https://quentinho.ubcasts.com/StartUbucon2022 on the 29th of January at 21:00 GMT and encourage everyone to join in on that day.
For those who cannot attend, but still want to volunteer and help out to organize the Ubucon, feel free to send an e-mail to 2022@ubucon.eu with a small description of what do you think you can help on with organizing an Ubucon, we will use your e-mail address to communicate directly with you and synchronize on platforms that we will use in the future.
We will need lots of hands, eyes, and brains, so every little bit of help is very welcome.

In this introductory meeting, we will talk about the format, approximate dates, platforms, and how we will organize throughout the year to bring a successful Ubucon Europe to everyone.

After the introductory sessions where we will define the next steps, we will be meeting regularly, and we will communicate when we establish the dates and times of those same regular meetings as well.

Looking forward to speaking with you all!


Glad to see EU folks organizing Ubucon EU!

If you’re intrested, I remember when i organizing Ubucon Asia last year @diogoconstantino suggested me to organize something like Ubucon Earth(or Ubucon Global) together. But we already had the team and some plans for Ubucon Asia, So no luck last year. Maybe we can try organizing Ubucon Global again this year? I will need to contact APAC folks first though.


If there seems to be sustained interest in having an UbuCon Earth/Global, in addition to UbuCon Europe and UbuCon Asia (and hopefully more!), please feel free to spin the discussion off into its own topic! And the Community Teams certainly want to support all of the UbuCons, wherever and however they happen!


That’s very good news. Glad to see Ubucon Europe coming back this year. I’ll definitely try to be there!