UbuCon Asia X LibreOffice Conf Asia 2023 - CFP Closed, Tickets now available


Hello folks! After closing our CFP end of last month, We’re now open for registration.

  • Tickets are paid pricing for local participants in Indonesia (with 3 pricing: Student Rp50.000, Regular Rp100.000, and Supporter Rp150.000).
  • For foreign participants, tickets are free (or if you want, You can donate your cash at the venue)
    • Simply, proceed with registration with random pricing selection. After your registration is complete, It will show you order code and ask you to make payment with bank transfer. Reach out the local team with your order code to get approval on your registration. Note that you don’t need to make a bank transfer to pay for fee, As it’s free for foreign participants.

To find more details and register today, visit the URL below.

Local team contact info

If you have any questions regarding registration, feel free to reach out @isatrio or @aryulianto from the local team. (Email: humas at louca.id) - As registrations are managed by them.