UbuCon Asia 2024 Team meeting 2024-06-09 12:00 UTC

Meeting participants:
@sukso96100 @fenris @aryan @asmitbm @srijancodes @rjhsiao

Meeting chair:

Action item follow up from last meeting

Youngbin to don’t forget to email…/done
Youngbin, fenris, Aryan, Bhavi: Travel grant application review/in progress
Aryan, Bhavi: Get quotes for expenses and fill in Payable plan/no updates
Aryan, RJ, Youngbin: Reject remaining proposals/in progress
Local team: Reaching out speakers, organizers who need visa invitations./in progress
Youngbin: Publish meeting note/done
Next meeting: June 9 12:00 UTC/done



  1. Action items

  2. Get group booking pricing for accommodations

  3. Send grant reject notification for speakers with abstract rejected

  4. Decide maximum budget for travel grant (based on reviewed amounts)

  5. Check if jipang(speaker) will need grant


  1. Registration is now open.
  2. 45 so far.
  3. 2024.ubuntu.asia/register get free tickets if you are coming - for organizers/speakers
  4. 1 week extend for intl participants

Call for proposal / Content

  • Timetable publish
  • Reject remaining abstracts except for backup

Community Partners

  • Prav app requested to join

Travel grant & Visa

  • Organizers - please register asap for visa assistant!

Promotion activities

  • Bhavi: We were talking about paid ads on social media platforms

  • UbuCon Asia 2025 Call for bids announcement preparation

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