UbuCon Asia 2024 Team meeting 2024-05-12 12:00 UTC

Meeting participants:
@sukso96100 @fenris @rjhsiao @aryan

Meeting chair:

Action item follow up from last meeting

  • In Works
    • @aryan Fill in payable plans - get quotes, fill in actual spending numbers.
    • Global team members: to reach out some new members we can bring to the team - from previous members first.
    • @devanshucodes Help in getting sponsors
  • Almost done
    • Global committee members to submit CFP, grants if needed soon.
    • Content team: Start review proposals today. Deadline is May 15.
    • Volunteer reach out completion - @aryan , @devanshucodes , Sreejan. Currently assigning roles to each volunteers
  • Done
    • Anyone joining COSCUP: Contact @rjhsiao and join booth activities :slight_smile:
    • @sukso96100 to reach out Philipp for help with sponsorship gathering - again
    • @fenris Post meeting note on discourse
    • @deepeshaburse @asmitbm Post CfP closure and registration opening - Deepesha & Asmit


  • Registration is now open at - 2024.ubuntu.asia/register.
  • Free tickets for organizers/speakers

Call for proposal

Action items

  • Review proposals by May 15
  • @sukso96100 : To reach out Canonical community team and past UbuCon Asia organizers for some financing/fundraising/contingency plan advices
  • Start reviewing travel grant requests - from foreign speakers first. UbuCon Asia Travel Support in Launchpad
  • All: Try to reach out to more sponsors.
  • Publish meeting note on discourse - @aryan
  • Next meeting: 2024-05-26T12:00:00Z