UbuCon Asia 2024 Team meeting 2024-04-14 12:00 UTC

Meeting participants:
@sukso96100 @aryan @rjhsiao @fenris @asmitbm @deepeshaburse @srijancodes

Meeting Chair:


Action item follow up from last meeting

  • @sukso96100 to Contact Philipp for Logo on website / Done
  • Setup Konfhub / Done konfhub.com/uca
    • Ticket type for normal, student, community partner, organizer, patrons configured
    • Food - Questions for dietary restriction
    • Job by profession - @sukso96100 to add question later meeting
  • @bhavi to reach out local sponsors - no updates
  • @asmitbm @deepeshaburse creating post for CFP reminder + Selected community partners announcement / Done
  • @devanshucodes @srijancodes to look for local team (in Jaipur), and community partners
    • In progress, 2 people in local team so far
  • @aryan to contact JECRC for jaipur information for publishing on our website.
    • Looking in to it…
  • @sukso96100 to publish meeting notes on discourse. / Done


  • Bugs : UbuCon Asia
    • 3 Companies was contacted but not confirmed yet: @sukso96100 will contact them on Monday
    • Failed: MySQL, AWS, OSBC
  • FOSSUnited - Would like to sponsor us, No email to us yet. @aryan will send reminder on Monday
  • Canonical - Diamond, OnlyOffice - Supporter + Snack
  • Akamai - no updates yet
  • Will need


  • Any progress with Konfhub?

Call for proposal

Travel grant & Visa

Promotion activities

  • FOSSASIA - Done
  • Now onboarding community partners: Asking them to promote CFP


  • More Global Committee members - Sponsorship team especially?

Action items

  • @sukso96100 to review konfhhub
  • @sukso96100 to reach out companies met in FOSSASIA for sponsor
  • @aryan to contact FOSSUnited for sponsorship reminder
  • @sukso96100 to contact Philipp for sponsorship gathering
  • @rjhsiao to contact Philipp to ask for keynote speaker
  • Everyone to work with CFP promo
  • @sukso96100 to work with travel grant spreadsheet
  • Continue discussion on more global committee members
  • @devanshucodes to work with @srijancodes on filtering volunteers
  • @srijancodes to contact community partners to join our channel, promote posts and provide logos
  • @asmitbm to create a CFP reminder post to be posted on the 20th
  • @deepeshaburse to post the reminders on UbuCon Asia social media channels
  • April 28 11:30 UTC
  • @rjhsiao to publish meeting note on discourse
  • Next meeting: 2024-04-28 12:00 UTC

Getting Involved

Would like to join the organizing committee? Feel free to contact one of our steering role members @sukso96100 @aryan @bhavi @fenris @jipangmenjerit