UbuCon Asia 2024 Team meeting 2024-03-10 12:00 UTC

Meeting participants:
@sukso96100 @aryan @bhavi @jipangmenjerit @srijancodes @devanshucodes

Meeting Chair:

Action item follow up from last meeting

  • Srijan → Updating visa section.
  • Aryan & Bhavi to reach out to ticketing platforms.
    • Will be going with Konfhub
    • Will use personal account rather fiscal sponsors for payout.
  • Asmit and Srijan to check for content on the website and get that done for release.
    • Most content ready except for one related with Jaipur?
  • Devanshu to look out for the local team in Jaipur.
    1. Working with Community partners and volunteers in Jaipur
    2. Aryan is also reaching out Tarun to reach out volunteers in Jaipur
  • Youngbin to make Indico page public and then link on website.
  • Deepesha and Asmit to promote the event by writing posts and creating content.
    • Published Call for volunteers and community partners post
  • Youngbin - Share access to social media accounts with Asmit, Aryan, and Deepesha.
  • Asmit → To publish meeting notes


  • Contacted 20 companies by email so far
  • Canonical logo exposure - Youngbin will contact Canonical if this would be ok
  • We’ll use personal bank account rather then using local fiscal sponsor as there are no tax issues with running event funding


  • Will use Konfhub. For payout, will use local team’s bank account (personal bank account of an organizer)

Call for proposals

  • Keynote: 1 speaker should be from Canonical. Another keynote speaker should be invited from the community.
  • Promo
    • Aryan is contacting with some folks who has many connection with local tech communities
    • Bhavi contacted Canonical staff India
    • Srijan contacted some folks who might submit proposal
    • Youngbin https://blog.ubucon.asia/post/uca24-contribute/

Travel grant & Visa

  • We’ve confirmed which organization will provide visa invitation
  • Travel grant
    • It’s based on travel grant application submission rather talk proposal
    • Canonical speakers are expected to handle travel by themselves


  • Promotion activities
    • FOSSASIA - Youngbin, Bhavi
    • Local promotion activities?
      • We got many more community partners. They would be helpful for local promotion activities and gathering sponsors.

Action items

  • Youngbin to Contact Philipp for Logo on website
  • Setup Konfhub
  • Bhavi to reach out local sponsors
  • Asmit, Deepesha creating post for CFP reminder + Selected community partners announcement
  • Devanshu, Srijan to look for local team (in Jaipur), and community partners
  • Aryan to contact JECRC for jaipur information for publishing on our website.
  • Youngbin to publish meeting notes on discourse.
  • Next meeting: 2024-04-14T12:00:00Z