UbuCon Asia 2024 Team meeting 2024-03-10 12:00 UTC

Meeting participants:
@sukso96100 @aryan @asmitbm @srijancodes @rjhsiao @devanshucodes @jipangmenjerit

Meeting Chair:
@sukso96100 @aryan

Action item follow up from last meeting

  • Asmit to update to sponsorship proposal with 5-tier table
    • Done, sponsorship prospectus published
  • Youngbin to ask OSC and Philipp for Strip+Indico integration
    • Not contacted OSC yet. But Philipp told Stripe plugin not compatible with Indico version Canonical is using now.
  • Aryan & Bhavi to reach out Reskill and Konfhub for their service details
    • Not yet
  • Youngbin to work with CFP details on Indico
  • Srijan to work with Visa process documentation & publish visa info on website
    • Details to be published are ready. Need to be discussed within local team for some final touch, then it will be published in few days.
  • Youngbin to work with Travel grant process documentation
  • Youngbin to follow up with fossasia booth
    • Booth declined this time - no Ubuntu booth on-site.
    • Bhavi and Youngbin will give a talk. Will promote through those sessions.



  • To be opened by next week as soon as the ticketing platform is confirmed
  • Youngbin: If we can use Stripe from FOSSUnited, we can also use tito.io for registration as alternative

Promotion activities

  • FOSSASIA booth declined - no booth this time
  • @sukso96100 will give a talk + promote a bit

Action items

  • @srijancodes โ†’ Updating visa section.
  • @aryan & @bhavi to reach out to ticketing platforms.
  • @bhavi to create an agreement between JECRC and Ubuntu India for the venue.
  • @aryan to contact Tarun from JECRC to finetune the contract and get it signed with all the details.
  • @asmitbm and @srijancodes to check for content on the website and get that done for release.
  • @devanshucodes to look out for the local team in Jaipur.
  • @sukso96100 to make Indico page public and then link on website.
  • @deepeshaburse and @asmitbm โ†’ To promote the event by writing posts and creating content.
  • @sukso96100 - Share access to social media accounts with Asmit, Aryan, and Deepesha.

Getting Involved

Would like to join the organizing committee? Feel free to contact one of our steering role members @sukso96100 @aryan @bhavi @fenris @jipangmenjerit

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