UbuCon Asia 2024 Team meeting 2024-02-25 12:00 UTC

Meeting participants:
@sukso96100 @aryan @asmitbm @srijancodes @deepeshaburse @rjhsiao

Meeting Chair:

Action item follow up from last meeting

  • Youngbin and Deepsha to work on fossasia booth design Penpot
    • No updated on booth application yet
  • Youngbin to work on indico setup and ask Philipp to copy paste to production
    • Not asked Philipp to set up yet
  • Bhavi to share venue updates
  • Youngbin and Aryan to check with Canonical for sponsorship pricing


  • Revised sponsorship table review: 5 tiers max 10K USD


  • OSC PayPal - No

  • OSC Stripe + Indico - Will need to check with Philipp and OSC

  • Alternative options

    • Things to check

      • Fee for paid event
      • payment method for registration
      • When registration money paid out: every time registration made or whole fund at once after the event.
      • Can foreign business entities also receive the fund collected with registration?
    • Available alternatives

Call for proposal


Promotion activities

  • FOSSASIA booth - Youngbin and Bhavi will be joining in-person
  • Booth application submitted - no response from organizer yet
  • Booth design - not submitted yet

Joint event with GNOME.Asia decision

  • Joint event or just Community partner?
    • Our decision is community partner.

Action items

  • @asmitbm to update to sponsorship proposal with 5-tier table
  • @sukso96100 to ask OSC and Philipp for Strip+Indico integration
  • @aryan & @bhavi to reach out Reskill and Konfhub for their service details
  • @sukso96100 to work with CFP details on Indico
  • @srijancodes to work with Visa process documentation & publish visa info on website
  • @sukso96100 to work with Travel grant process documentation
  • @sukso96100 to follow up with fossasia booth
  • Next meeting: March 10th 12:00 UTC

Getting Involved

Would like to join the organizing committee? Feel free to contact one of our steering role members @sukso96100 @aryan @bhavi @fenris @jipangmenjerit


Re Indico payments, there is no maintained stripe payment plugin. There is a sixpay module, for saferpay.com. See https://github.com/indico/indico-plugins

There is an older stripe plugin developed for indico 2, which you could certainly get updated with a pull request: https://github.com/neicnordic/indico-plugin-stripe