UbuCon Asia 2024 Team meeting 2024-01-28 12:00 UTC


Roll coll



  • Local team wrote and shared the timeline draft
  • Everyone said looks good in general
  • Youngbin comments that CFP and registration schedule might needs some adjustments.
  • Bhavani informed that venue to be confirmed by next week.


  • Bhavani reached out venue to ask about what room options available and still waiting for response which is getting delayed due to some semester schedules. Venue details will be confirmed by next week.
  • There will be dedicated team of volunteer in Jaipur for handling venue


  • Budget proposal almost finalized - Not much things to change in future other than printings (signs, banners)
  • Local team will look for some suppliers once venue confirmed
  • Jaipur inspection budget - Budget for Local team (Aryan, Bhavi) Venue site visit
  • Estimated Total 39458.76 USD


  • Need venue to be confirmed to continue sponsorship program discussion
  • Levels: 6 levels currently - Youngbin suggests 5 levels like past editions
  • Pricing:
    • Current proposed Diamond pricing is about 45% increase compared to last year
    • Youngbin suggests only increase 20% if required
  • Benefits: Everyone says it looks good in general
  • Fiscal sponsors: (Global) Open Source Collective (Local) FOSSUnited
    • To be confirmed: Fiscal sponsorship from FOSSUnited - Will be discussed once sponsorship pricing confirmed
    • FOSSUnited can’t handle sponsorship with global sponsors due to local regulations, So Open Source Collective will handle global sponsors this year.
  • Sponsor reachout
    • Youngbin, Rudra and Aryan already reached out few past sponsors. they are interested and positive about the sponsorship.


  • Suggested registration platform
    • Canonical Indico + Paypal: Will need to ask Canonical community team and Fiscal sponsors
    • Reskill (https://reskilll.com/): Payment should be ok, they should be accepting Visa or Mastercard
  • Ticket pricing
    • Standard 800 INR
    • Student 600 INR
    • Patron: More than 800 INR

Call for proposals

FOSSASIA Booth? (April 8-10, in Hanoi, Vietnam)

Joint with GNOME.Asia - Should we Still wait for response from GNOME Foundation?

  • Local team proposed joint event earlier to GNOME Foundation. But seem to be difficult to make progress due to number of reasons.
  • We can still collaborate in other ways - such as having speakers from GNOME

Next meeting


Action Items

  • Everyone to put role would like to take in member list spreadsheet by next meeting
  • Bhavi to share venue updates next week
  • Bhvai to ask Canonical community team if we can enable paypal on Indico and connect with our fiscal sponsor’s account.
  • Aryan to ask FOSSUnited if they can connect their paypal with Canonical indico - after sponsorship pricing confirmed.
  • Youngbin to submit FOSSASIA Summit booth application.