UbuCon Asia 2024 - Calling for interested bids!

Hello everyone! While preparation for UbuCon Asia X LibreOffice Conf Asia 2023 is almost ready, We would like to start looking for the next city for UbuCon Asia 2024 much earlier and make the decision before the year 2023 ends.

For now, We’re still working with documents for the call for hosts application. And UbuCon Asia 2023 in Surakarta, Indonesia is just around the corner - It’s happening within about a week. So, We would like to look for some interested local teams who would like to join the bidding first then discuss some possibilities with them at Day 2 of UbuCon Asia 2023.

To apply for “Interested bids”, Please send us an email to “contact at ubucon.asia” with following details. Deadline is 2023-10-06T15:00:00Z. If possible, Please also join UbuCon Asia 2023 in-person and give us a short 5 min presentation for describing how UbuCon Asia will look like if it’s organized by your team. (You will be giving your presentation at “Host UbuCon Asia 2024 in Your City!” session scheduled for 13:30 of Day 2 at Main hall)

  • List of Initial local team organizers(At least 3 members required for this stage):
    • Names, Email contact, Discourse username, Launchpad username
    • Signed Ubuntu CoC on Launchpad?, Read UbuCon Asia CoC?
    • Short Biography (Such as involvement with Ubuntu or other FOSS community, What this folk do and so on.)
    • Short description on previous experience with UbuCon Asia (if any)
    • Short description on previous experience with organizing large scale events (if any)
  • Main contact person information
  • Brief description on the venue and its city your team is considering.
    • The venue should be able to handle around 300 participants, and the city should be accessible by flights or trains from major cities in Asia.
  • Short description on how Ubuntu LoCo or other related local FOSS communities look like in the region you would like to host the event.
  • Proposed date - UbuCon Asia is usually a 2 day event. It must have at least 20 days to 30 days gap with Ubuntu Summit so that we can have better support from the Community team at Canonical.
  • If there’s any local sponsors or government organizations who would strongly support this event and are willing to sponsor, please also let us know. If not, no need to let us know at this stage.

Since there’s only about a week to send us emails to apply, You may leave answers empty for some questions that you can’t answer right now. But, please try your best to provide us with the answers we need to check.
If you have any questions or need any help, we’re willing to help. Feel free to contact us via email or send me a direct message via discourse.